Content Marketing

Creating resources that help NOT sell

Creating resources that help NOT sell

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Just when you feel  you've got your head round the wacky world of marketing someone seems to cook up something new. 


In fact Content Marketing has been in existence for decades but it has come to prominence because of social media. If you are posting on social media you shouldn't be selling but you can be helping.


So Content Marketing is the name for the helpful resources on your website to which you can point from your social media. These take many forms from a pdf to a podcast, from a white paper to a webcast, from a video to a very handy "How to" piece of advice - often within a Blog.


Of course, all of this fresh content is also looked upon most favourably by Google in terms of getting you found more easily...


How can I help? From coming up with a cunning plan in terms of your approach to Content Marketing to actually helping you create the resource(s). One popular service is the generating of marketing ideas for blog posts and either writing or editing these where required.


Please get in touch if you think some help in the area of Content Marketing would be useful to you.




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