spelling mistakes

No. 10 - How to spell its or it’s, your or you’re, their, there or they’re

Jane Buswell on Tue 25 Aug

OK - I’ll come clean -  as a copywriter spelling mistakes jump off the page at me. These raise my blood pressure and mean that I’ll judge you if you constantly use its instead of it’s, your instead of you’re and the wrong version of there, their or they’re. Over 1400 people have been so worried about that they've read my post!


How to spell - my Complementary or Complimentary Soapbox

Jane Buswell on Tue 18 Aug

There's a few trip-you-up similar sounding words like Farther and Further, Affect and Effect  that get misused. The ones I would like to vent about today however, are Complementary and Complimentary - something over 1400 people have checked out on here!

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