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I first began posting on my Blogger based Marketing Blog in February 2010 and became astonished at the number of visits I received over the years.  By the time I transferred the updated content onto this site I'd created 150 blog posts - the most popular of which had received over 6,000 visits -  and I'd had in excess of 99,000 visits overall!


Marketing moves on apace so my top 12 blog posts have been updated on this blog and I continue to add new subjects to make sure you don't get left behind. I do hope you enjoy my blog - if you would ever like me to tackle a post on a marketing or social media subject that has been puzzling you please get in touch.


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What is your brand purpose?

Jane Buswell on Thu 7 Sep

When low prices became synonymous with poor quality goods and service Asda parent company Wal-Mart had to do something about their branding. In the event they looked at their brand purpose.

Building your prospects on LinkedIn 2017

Jane Buswell on Wed 23 Aug

Did you know that five minutes on LinkedIn will give you a headstart on some great new prospects for your business?

Have you checked out the 2017 version of LinkedIn?

Jane Buswell on Thu 10 Aug

Sometimes we have a go at a new marketing activity and walk away when it seems too tricky. I'm sure lots of people have felt like that about LinkedIn. But crikey look at it now!

The top reasons people succeed with their digital marketing

Guest Author Victoria Greene on Thu 20 Jul

Success in digital marketing comes from great planning, implementation and adjustment to customer feedback. Here's how...

The differences in marketing to men and women

Jane Buswell on Tue 4 Jul

Why should marketing to men and marketing to women be different?  This post explains

Careless talk costs business

Jane Buswell on Wed 21 Jun

I get it you feel relaxed in a friendly networking group and feel you can share everything.  But that may not be the best idea...

What are your core values?

Jane Buswell on Tue 6 Jun

If you haven't heard of core values you might find this post VERY useful 

Please don't corporate speak

Jane Buswell on Thu 25 May

Corporate Speak - the way to marketing ruin!

8 ways of getting great customer testimonials

Jane Buswell on Thu 4 May

If someone loves your work you need to capture that sparkle and let it shine all over your target market!

Understanding people

Jane Buswell on Thu 20 Apr

Doing business without identifying your target market will stop you in your tracks. So let’s have a think about that challenge...

E-Newsletters – a step by step thought process

Jane Buswell on Tue 11 Apr

The key to marketing success is walking in the shoes of your potential clients. I explain how this works in terms of successful e-newsletters.

Content Marketing – your promotional catalyst

Jane Buswell on Wed 22 Mar

I was so impressed by Duct Tape's blog post on Content Marketing I am sharing this with you today.

5 ways to drive traffic from Instagram to your website

Jane Buswell on Wed 8 Mar

I want it all - so I do get a bit fretful about the fact that you can’t add clickable links to your Instagram captions. Here's how to get round it.

Why is NO-ONE opening my e-mail newsletters?

Jane Buswell on Wed 22 Feb

You spend ages researching material for a newsletter and spend even longer writing it, you then e-mail out and no-one opens your e-mail. Let's find out why...

12 reasons why potential clients and customers won't immediately buy from you

Jane Buswell on Tue 7 Feb

There are many reasons why someone may not immediately buy from you. The good news is, if you know those reasons you can do something about it.

Google My Business Reviews 101

Jane Buswell on Thu 19 Jan

A recent report said that 90% of respondents claimed that positive reviews affected their purchasing decisions so make no mistake Google My Business reviews REALLY matter

What is influencer marketing?

Jane Buswell on Thu 5 Jan

If you look at the predictions for doing marketing in 2017 there are lots of mentions of “influencer marketing” so I thought it would be helpful to explain what it is and how to do it!

How to improve your website in 10 ways

Jane Buswell on Tue 20 Dec

It's easy to forget about your website once its up and done but this is one of your major marketing platforms so make sure you keep up to date with hints and tips on improvements.

Emoticons, Emoji’s and ASCIIart

Jane Buswell on Thu 8 Dec

I’m mindful that you must never rest in finding ways to stand out from the crowd and it was a very useful post from Buffer which initially set me off investigating into emoticons and emojis. 

10 ways for Doctors, Dentists and allied health professionals to improve their online marketing

Jane Buswell on Thu 24 Nov

How will potential patients find you if you're not making the most of your online presence? Here are 10 simple ways to do just that...

How good is your online reputation?

Jane Buswell on Tue 15 Nov

I was recently contacted to try out an infographic which helped me to check out my online reputation. Here are the results.

9 easy to remember quotations to keep your marketing on track

Jane Buswell on Thu 27 Oct

I have a mixed relationship with quotations. I find many a bit saccharine to be honest but a few really do resonate and teach me about work or life. I hope these do the same for your marketing.

Twitter Lists - 10 ways to use them for monitoring AND marketing

Jane Buswell on Tue 11 Oct

Are you making full use of Twitter lists?  Indeed are you using them at all?  If not you're almost certainly missing out

Social Media for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Jane Buswell on Wed 21 Sep

I've run several social media workshops for different District Associations of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Each time I knew the challenge would be to convince attendees that social media doesn't conflict with the therapy dynamic.

Contranyms - what they are and some great examples

Jane Buswell on Thu 25 Aug

As a copywriter it would be rather strange if I wasn’t a huge fan of words so when I came across the subject of contranyms I couldn’t wait to share some examples with you.

How to blog successfully

Jane Buswell on Thu 11 Aug

Upon critiquing the website of a new client I queried why their blog looked like their Facebook  page. “That’s because it’s the same content” they said  “we don’t know how to blog”

6 key pieces of advice for business success

Jane Buswell on Fri 22 Jul

It is 13 years today since I incorporated Business Fulcrum Limited and I thought I'd celebrate with a little blog post about what I have learned

Playing with Palindromes

Jane Buswell on Wed 13 Jul

As a wordsmith, it's perhaps no surprise that I love words - and one of my favourite books is Mark Forsyth's The Etymologicon.  This is a book all about language, where it comes from and how it has developed. 

How do you work out your target market?

Jane Buswell on Tue 28 Jun

There are a number of marketing definitions but one of the most succinct is “getting the right message to the right market via the right media and methods” In my experience too few new business owners think about the market – or target market - part –of that statement which is very strange

Keep calm and carry on

Jane Buswell on Wed 15 Jun

The First World War saw an extensive use of posters for propaganda but one of it's most famous was not really discovered until the year 2000

Leaflet Distribution - it's an art and a science

Jane Buswell on Thu 26 May

How much thought are you putting into your leaflet distribution? Have you carefully considered where you’re posting your marketing material - or are you going for a scattergun approach?

Looking for an infographic maker and some savvy advice?

Jane Buswell on Tue 10 May

Infographic maker advice and the secrets of a good infographic

Bulk SMS as part of mobile marketing

Jane Buswell on Tue 26 Apr

If you've wondered about bulk SMS as part of your mobile marketing read on...

Cover Letter Writing 101

Marketing Consultant Jane Buswell on Tue 12 Apr

Does the cover letter you've sent with your lovely sales brochure enhance or detract from your marketing effort?

Why Content Marketing is key to digital marketing

Jane Buswell on Tue 22 Mar

In a nutshell, content marketing is the creation and sharing of educational content with the express purpose of attracting, engaging and acquiring potential clients and customers. So what does that mean for you?

Playful Marketing as part of your marketing strategy

Jane Buswell on Tue 8 Mar

Businesses have become increasingly "unbuttoned"  – literally in terms of dress down Friday (which now seems to be dress down Monday to Fridays) In step with this, marketing has become more playful and humorous.

What are the KPI's of social media marketing?

Jane Buswell on Tue 23 Feb

The key performance indicators of successful social media are generally recognised as being:-

Why your marketing plan starts with where you are now

Jane Buswell on Thu 4 Feb

Do you feel overwhelmed at having to put together a marketing plan? Do you turn pale when putting together a marketing plan is top of the advice list when finding out about growing your business.

Should you put prices on your website for your target market?

Jane Buswell on Wed 20 Jan

Whilst recently helping a client identify her position in the market we came to the old chestnut about what to charge and, more specifically, whether to show prices on the website.

Slogans- catchy, long lasting and with inbuilt bounce back

Jane Buswell on Tue 5 Jan

Happy New Year to you! I thought I'd continue in the vein of the onslaught of Christmas sweeties by continuing to write about slogans This time it's Kit Kat's "Have a break. have a Kit-Kat" 


Slogans – catchy, long lasting and…accidental

Jane Buswell on Tue 15 Dec

I do love good slogans! I can particularly appreciate one that is evocative and durable like Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “Finger-lickin good” so how brilliant is it that this came about by total accident.

Putting together a great networking 60 seconds or elevator pitch

Jane Buswell on Mon 30 Nov

I’ve been to a LOT of networking groups since I set up the company in 2002. Most of those expect members and visitors to share 60 seconds about their company so it amazes me that so many people bimble their way through these because they haven’t prepared.

Three simple questions, one great marketing campaign

Jane Buswell on Mon 16 Nov

I’m sure it won’t surprise you that I am always interested in finding out more about clever marketing ideas. And as case studies to share with clients I’m actually interested in how a clever idea came about as well as the idea itself.

If you've got it flaunt it using a company name generator

Jane Buswell on Mon 26 Oct

This post - about clever company names and the art of differentiation - has been enjoyed by nearly 1200 people. And if you've never heard of Super Hod here's your chance!

How to be a good tweeter - tweeting a conversation

Jane Buswell on Thu 1 Oct

When you first start on Twitter it feels really strange trying to have a conversation; of course it’s a great idea to do this since this IS the quickest way to extend your reach and reputation through the creation of new or improved relationships.  

No. 12 - Social media marketing - creating a social media policy for customer complaints

Jane Buswell on Tue 22 Sep

Even today there is still nervousness in some quarters about raising your profile on social media in case you get complaints. I think what may be forgotten is that if you’re not on social media people may still be complaining about you but you lack the opportunity to deal with them and de-escalate the situation. So the savvy thing to do is to create a social media policy for customer complaints.

I know this is high in mind for a lot of small businesses, over 1,000 people have read this post


No. 11 - Memes for Marketing and looking for a free meme generator

Jane Buswell on Tue 8 Sep

Marketing memes have been increasingly adopted by companies wishing to promote themselves in a light-hearted way.  But what’s the thinking behind them and which is the best free meme generator ? Thought you were the last to find out?  Over 1200 people have already checked out this post.

No. 10 - How to spell its or it’s, your or you’re, their, there or they’re

Jane Buswell on Tue 25 Aug

OK - I’ll come clean -  as a copywriter spelling mistakes jump off the page at me. These raise my blood pressure and mean that I’ll judge you if you constantly use its instead of it’s, your instead of you’re and the wrong version of there, their or they’re. Over 1400 people have been so worried about that they've read my post!


How to spell - my Complementary or Complimentary Soapbox

Jane Buswell on Tue 18 Aug

There's a few trip-you-up similar sounding words like Farther and Further, Affect and Effect  that get misused. The ones I would like to vent about today however, are Complementary and Complimentary - something over 1400 people have checked out on here!

No. 8 - Another expert Marketing Strategy with great tips for you

Jane Buswell on Wed 12 Aug

And so to a second  Marketing Strategy that I’m sharing with you in the hope and expectation that it might give you some ideas  - this time it’s from the British Heart Foundation. Over 1500 people have checked this post out so I hope you find it useful too.

No. 7 Famous Slogans - Go to work on an egg

Jane Buswell on Wed 29 Jul

As we all rush to buy shabby chic and vintage to remind us of what (from here) seem to be golden days there’s also special nostalgia for black and white film. Perhaps this is one reason that this blog post has currently attracted more than 1500 people


Fortunately some real vintage advertising gems still survive from the 50’s and the ones I want to share with you here were created for what was called The Egg Marketing Board.

No 6. An expert Marketing Strategy with great lessons for you

Jane Buswell on Wed 15 Jul

Coming up with a successful marketing strategy can be pretty tricky.  But there's some great lessons you can learn from the big boys and apply to your own business.  This week it's about Ocado's insight into how we behave - a post which has already attracted some 1700 visits...

No 5 - How to be a good tweeter - tweet like a DJ

Jane Buswell on Wed 1 Jul

So you've put up your  Twitter profile, and you've tweeted a few times.  Now what? Why not think about how DJ's broadcast to their invisible audience? This is one of my top 5 blog posts with over 1500 visits to date.

No 4. Deciding on your marketing mix begins with understanding your marketing data

Jane Buswell on Wed 17 Jun

Not that many business owners actually love data analysis.  But if you want your marketing mix to be successful you need to keep an eye on what is working and what isn't. Over 19000 people have already visited this post to find out how you do just that. 

No 3 - Famous Slogans - Probably the best lager in the world

Jane Buswell on Tue 2 Jun

 There are certain slogans that work for decades.  And these are likely to stay in the minds of the consumer even after they are no longer used. it seems we love finding out about slogans this is one of my 5 most popular blog posts with over 3,500 visits to date! 

One of the best of such famous slogans is Carlsberg's "Probably the best lager in the world"

No 2 - How to market research your competitors

Jane Buswell on Wed 20 May

How can you stand out from the crowd if you know nothing about your competitors? Over 4,000 visits to this blog confirm that business owners know that market research of your sector is an essential part of marketing overall so here's how you do it.

No 1 - Pinterest for Business: Coaches, Mentors and Trainers

Jane Buswell on Wed 6 May

You may have thought that Pinterest was only for those businesses which have a visual product.  You might be surprised to find out, therefore, that Pinterest is a superb platform for Coaches, Mentors and Trainers - over 6,200 visits to this blog post must mean there's a lot more Pinterest savvy trainers out there now!

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