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Effective help with marketing and social media

Effective help with marketing and social media

It's been my pleasure to help businesses like yours since 2003. Sometimes this has been on an ad hoc basis to deliver a certain part of marketing. Or to train in it.

Often it's on a retained basis where we work together to take you to the next level. This allows for sustained innovation in the handling of today's demanding digital marketing. 

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De-mystifying social networking

I know I know, marketing was bad enough before people started to talk to you about using social media. Abandoned profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are proof positive that finding the time and inspiration to keep up good quality posts is really difficult.  

So why not let me help?

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Accessibly priced responsive websites

If your website doesn't automatically shrink to make navigation straightforward for those using smart phones/portable devices (over 50% of us) you're in danger of losing a potential customer who can't find the information they need. 

What's more Google is now penalising companies whose websites are not responsive so now's the time to find a nice helpful person to sort things (um...that would be me)

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Great copywriting and content marketing

Text is everywhere jostling for your potential customers' attention. So how do you compete with that?

Well essentially you have to ensure that your corporate communication is relevant, differentiated, engaging and impactful. So no pressure there then.

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Looking for an experienced marketing company in Hampshire that offers straightforward and pragmatic advice? 

Since 2003  I have worked with start ups, SME's and larger organisations who realise that they can't rely on organic business growth and are keen to do something about it.

My advice and support covers marketing strategy, quirky marketing ideas, content marketing (including help with that blog!), social media training, copywriting services and web design. 

My website will give you more information - for example by completing the form at the bottom of this page you can access "12 things to avoid to get the most out of your social media sites"

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