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Recommended Hampshire based copywriter

Recommended Hampshire based copywriter

No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

How do you compete with everyone else's words when you are writing marketing materials - or copywriting?


Well essentially you have to ensure that your corporate communications make real impact by using words that are insightful, relevant, understandable and energised. And by ensuring that your brand tone is distinctive and memorable.


No pressure there then.  To be honest that's why many companies use a copywriter...


An experienced copywriter can put across the most complicated proposition in an engaging, enthusiastic and memorable way. That's what I'm great at which is why you'll see what one client described as "Jane's happy writing" all over Hampshire. It appears on:


  • product sheets, flyers and brochures
  • websites
  • blog posts
  • sales letters and newsletters
  • email campaigns
  • advertisements and articles
  • labels and feedback forms
  • content marketing resources
  • video scripts
  • podcasts
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions (the results you see when you search for something on the internet)


You can use my copywriting services  to do the editing, improving and refreshing of something you've written or ask me to write something from scratch. Just get in touch to find out more.

No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

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Why business owners use me

Rather than me telling you how good I am at copywriting (!) I thought I'd let one of my clients do so.  Here's successful personal stylist Melanie Brewer of for whom I wrote all the website copy (check it out!):


"I’ve met many people who offer copywriting services, indeed the market is flooded with ‘business experts’ who write copy. 

Of all those copywriters I have met in the last couple of years, Jane Buswell is the lady I immediately trusted to do the job for our all-new digital look.  She has that mix of business antenna and professionalism which was just right for our (revamping) website project.

With a knack of climbing in to her client’s shoes to understand the full picture I particularly noticed Jane’s ability to capture the heart of a business – and this she achieves by combining both the business discussion and the off-piste conversations. 

 A perceptive advisor who gets to know the people behind the business first before attempting to write.  A highly recommended copywriter!  Thank you, Jane.”


No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

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