Marketing Mentor

Marketing mentor for Hampshire businesses

Marketing mentor for Hampshire businesses

No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

Having the marketing of your business on your plate as well as everything else can often feel totally overwhelming.


Recognising this,  I started offering a Marketing Mentor Service right at the start of my consultancy service in 2003. It was as a result of this that I began a long association with the University of Winchester.


In 2005 I was initially known as  the "Business Mum"  supporting new student and staff businesses within a scheme run by the then Knowledge and Transfer Unit. I continued to be a guest lecturer for Enterprise modules from time to time and was then invited to be a mentor within the Inspiring Enterprise Project which ran from 2017 until the end of 2020.


During this project  I worked with over 20 businesses who offered an enormous range of services

  • from pop up art galleries to nursery schools
  • from photography services to virtual PA support  
  • from cake making to public events (see my case study on this)
  • from innovative birthday cards to fitness training
  • from tutoring services to HR services
  • From domiciliary care to the training and development of community organisers 


What all of these business owners had in common was the need to stand out from their competitors; help with identifying their marketing messages and their target markets; and effectively communicating their offer via marketing channels that they often needed to learn about.


To facilitate this I provided expertise, advice, practical answers and an ability to hold firm when putting across that what they wanted in their business was not necessarily what they needed  in their business:-)


As the Covid pandemic arrived and business owners struggled to keep or regain clients I have been contacted by other businesses looking for someone who can quickly get their head around an offer and rapidly get their revived and repositioned marketing underway.


If this is a service you are looking for please get in touch. The following testimonials may give you some assurance that clients really do benefit from my support 


"I've been fortunate to have the benefit of Jane's wise counsel in all things Marketing over the past few months and not only does she have a demonstrable depth of knowledge and expertise but she's an absolute pleasure to spend time with - nailing that difficult balance of challenging, coaching and practical support! This approach has enabled me to get clarity and a clear path forward on growing my business"  Vicky Pawsey -  Papillon Psychology


"Inspiring Enterprise put me in touch with Jane as a mentor. She instantly got my business idea and gave me lots of really sensible logical and practical advice to help me get my business started. She also had many great ideas to help with marketing, branding and adding personality to the brand"  Gemma Dowland - Countdown Cards


"My business partner and I have been really happy with Jane’s advice. She has shared lots of practical and helpful tips and we learned new things. She took a genuine interest in our business despite it being in an area with which she had little familiarity" 

Helen Wallis Dowling - Ansuzaction


‘If I could, I would nominate her to the best mentor award! I have learnt so much in such a short period of time.’                 

Andrea Unguras - MBSFlow


Jane is the consummate professional and never stops thinking of ways in which she can help her clients. She mentored me as I started Writers' Weekend and had effective ideas to market the new event. When Covid put a dent in our plans for an in-person event, we had an emergency meeting with Jane and she gave us the confidence to switch to a virtual platform, instead, giving us great marketing tips. Always positive. Always supportive. She's a great one to have as part of your team!

Sara Gangai- The Writer's Weekend 

No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

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