Social Media Marketing

Hampshire based social media marketing advice

Hampshire based social media marketing advice

No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

Designed for those who are fairly confident in actually using social media but who are still not seeing any real commercial benefit, The Social Media Marketing Roadmap is a one to one meeting which looks at your specific business and helps you to:


  • decide the best approach for you and your target market
  • identify your main marketing messages
  • understand how to make your website more attractive to social media users
  • create a strategy and timetable
  • tap into clever automating tools that help to take the hard work out of social media marketing


 This will put you back in the driving seat and supercharge your social media!


You may also like me to also create a portfolio of captioned images ready for impactful use in your social media marketing (these are effectively mini ads so it's essential to get them right) or  you might want help with writing  your blog posts? 


 If you're in or around Hampshire why not call for a chat to find out how any of these services would work for you?


No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

  • Customer testimonials about my social media service

Why business owners use me

Sadly, there are a lot of social media profiles which are set up, used for a while and then abandoned... this is mainly due to either lack of time or lack of inspiration. Here's the reaction of a very busy entrepreneur who asked for my help to raise the profile of a new women's business club in the mad month preceding their launch.


"Thank you for all your support its made SUCH a difference just knowing you are calmly in the background. I know that I simply would not have managed from a time perspective to do all you have done. Your support is invaluable, you realise I’ll never let you go now !!! "

 Lynne Thompson, Womens Premier Business Clubs


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Huge thank you to @janebuswell for fantastic Blogging course this morning in Andover.  Watch this space     



Fantastic social media campaign by @janebuswell – thank you    



A great morning spent with @janebuswell brainstorming all things #socialmedia and #marketing - thank you!    



Great Meeting with @janebuswell She helps put the “Me” into Social Media Marketing! #tailoremademarketing   




No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

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