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The patient journey to your practice has dramatically changed with the vast majority of consumers looking online for help with a medical or health issue.  What’s more, since in excess of 50% are using a mobile device, you now need to be ready and waiting in their pocket in the form of a responsive website...


Whilst some of you may still feel uncomfortable about healthcare marketing it is simply a way of communicating that you’re willing and able to care for patients seeking help in your speciality or location.


  • So are you happy that your patient information and education is less scientific and more engaging and authoritative? 
  • Do you need an “interpreter” to distil and embed your key marketing messages in healthcare communications via your website, patient e-mails, leaflets, videos and presentations?
  • Have you considered a patient centred approach to marketing via social media or blogging? Would you like support or training in this area?
  • Are you driving traffic to your website through the inclusion of timely, useful, relevant and consistent content like blog posts?
  • Have you made it easy for potential patients to engage with you by separating yourself from your peers?
  • Are you in regular contact through newsletters or e-newsletters?


I have experience working with medical professionals in terms of getting their message across in a hassle-free, innovative and engaging way to prospective new patients and would like to help you do the same.  Why not call for a chat to find out more?   

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Why they use me...

"Jane was recommended by a GP colleague in a discussion regarding the marketing of my private practice and a recognition that my website structure was out of date.

I met Jane and we discussed how my practice planned to expand over the next few years. She brought with her innovative ideas for radically redesigning my website with an emphasis on the patient as the client rather than the CV type structure that was the previous model. Jane negotiated the transition to a new website domain.

Through use of social media she researched which areas required developing within my specialty. She encouraged regular blog contributions. and helped by rewriting articles I had previously written in a more patient-friendly language.

Since launching my website - - I have had many compliments on my website design from both patients and GPs and feel that it has enhanced my business considerably. Jane has been very helpful in dealing with media issues as part of my role is President of a specialist society.In all my dealings with Jane she has been very professional, accessible and friendly. She has had considerable patience dealing with a professional who is not always quick to respond to the various agreed tasks and has managed to keep a tight schedule on track."

Dr Mark Vanderpump, Consultant Endocrinologist and President of the British Thyroid Association


‘I have been working with Jane for 4 years now.  I soon realised that whilst I had ideas and thought I could communicate them effectively, enlisting the help of an expert transforms what you can do.  

I have saved hours of time.  I have 2 websites which are regularly commented on by patients and colleagues,  the content is very reader friendly, and it attracts patients to my practice over and above others.

Talking ideas through with Jane brings things to life.  She is very clear thinking and innovative in her approach.  I really look forward to sessions with Jane and come away feeling energised and excited!"

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, Private GP and founder of 


"Having heard Jane talk at an Inspiring Women in Medicine event I asked her to critique a blog post I was required to submit the following week. With my busy work schedule, this actually reached her on the evening before the deadline and I thought this was probably too late.  However she not only text me to say she was working on it before 8 am but the whole post was back to me before 9.30am, transformed into a more punchy and dynamic piece and with her top tips for approaching future posts.

After this remarkably productive (and pain-free) experience, I have given her similarly tight deadlines such as rewriting our website, setting up a social media campaign and improving our use of Twitter. Jane is brilliant at fitting around your schedule. As well as effortlessly rewriting copy and giving excellent advice, she also gave an hour long training session over the phone with clear guidance and clever inside tips to improve our reach as a social enterprise.

Jane has always delivered to time - not only a completer-finisher but also coming up with helpful advice and great ideas along the way. As a doctor, it is a complete pleasure to work with Jane, a professional that knows her job and also how to be adaptable to meet your needs. 

If marketing is a challenge I would recommend Jane - she will lift a weight off your shoulders!

Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders, Kingston CCG Macmillan GP, RCGP / Marie Curie National Clinical End of Life Care Champion, joint founder of


No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

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