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Hampshire based, web content which works

Hampshire based, web content which works

No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

 If I were to run you through the best practice for writing website content how would your website stack up? Let’s have a look:


  • Please cover up your company name in the header, now does your home page content sound distinctive or just like any one of your competitors?
  • Read your web text aloud. Does it sound like you’re chatting to the reader or as if you have swallowed a dictionary and are in lecture mode?
  • Have you recently considered how you might need to reposition your offer or change your tone in a COVID world?
  • Has the website grown organically so that the web visitor has to work hard to get to the heart of what you actually do?


If it’s any consolation a very large number of websites are NOT distinctive or engaging.  They may sound irrelevant or out of date and their main marketing messages are either missing entirely or buried deep within the website. 


Of course, these are not the only considerations, but essentially what I am talking about is missing a trick (or several tricks) in making your KEY MARKETING HUB actually work for you.


Would you like to see some examples (other than this website?!) Websites for which I have written the web copy include


Consultant Endocrinologist Dr Mark Vanderpump 

Private GP Dr Stephanie Goodwin 

Security & Vetting Solutions 

The Calm + Curious Consultancy 

The British Thyroid Association 


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"Brilliant! Take a bow Jane, well done!  I will raise a glass to you tonight"



No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

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The never ending website build

Poised to market a significant new event for the South’s Film Industry CEO Gillian Tully came to me having had a challenging and time consuming new website journey - which included FOUR postponed meetings with a website design company -  and no end in sight (or indeed in site...)


My Solution

I  quickly set up a meeting,  pulled out her main marketing messages and agreed to mock up a logical new website layout for her approval.  This was done by the end of the day we met and she LOVED it.


I then wrote all the copy for the website, attended to the vital SEO elements and – over skype – showed her how to make any subsequent tweaks so that she had full control of any updates. Since the she has confidently made use of her flexible template to update and highlight important information as each subsequent event as taken place 


I also helped her to write and design her marketing materials and again this was done quickly and collaboratively. 


One Happy Client

"I've only ever heard positive reviews about Jane Buswell of Business Fulcrum and I believe she has certainly helped Film Expo South stand out from the crowd.


No, she hasn't dressed me up in a ducks outfit and made me wear sunglasses!! But I'm that impressed with her creative flair and get the job done attitude, I probably would. Never miss a photo opportunity Jane... :-)


She knew the urgency of the matter, listened to what I asked for, and came back with results within 2 hours. Film Expo South highly recommends Jane Buswell - she hits the nail on the head every time!"

Gillian Tully, CEO & Founder Film Expo South


No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

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