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If you're happy to leave your business success to serendipity you probably won't need someone like me. However if you'd like some help in the baffling world of marketing and social media I'd love to hear from you... 

 My marketing services are accessibly priced and every project is quoted for with no hidden surprises.  You can choose to work with me on an ad hoc or retained basis - to help you decide which would work best for you here's some advice.

What am I like to work with?  Why not check out my LinkedIn Recommendations or my Google My Business reviews

My core values are expert, incisive, focused, creative and quirky - and I believe that marketing is less about the "glossy" and more about the positioning and the process. In other words constructing an innovative marketing strategy which engages with YOUR target market.

Unlike many businesses offering marketing in Hampshire I will train you as well as do things for you.  This particularly applies to social media marketing

So are you looking for a marketing company in Hampshire? Are struggling with your marketing strategy? If I sound like your sort of Marketing Consultant, I'd love to hear from you.



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  • Jane Buswell, Marketing Consultant

Jane Buswell (Marketing Guru and Postcard Queen)

Before I set up Hampshire based Business Fulcrum, my career spanned from the events management of global exhibitions for IPC to directing the marketing/business development of an educational company and one which created Internet kiosks.  


Since going freelance in 2003, I've supported literally hundreds of mostly Hampshire-based businesses via my marketing services and through various workshops, And - as their "Business Mum" - I've also had the huge pleasure of working with talented and energetic young start ups funded by Winchester University.


My workshops and presentations even pull in other marketing professionals hence being dubbed by one of my clients as "the marketing consultant’s marketing consultant".


"I'm a marketing professional trained by the Chartered Institute of Marketing with 15 years marketing experience, yet meeting with Jane totally blew me away. Her knowledge and expertise within the small business field was amazing, she made me realise how much potential my business has and how there are many ways of promoting myself that totally hadn't crossed my mind"Tessa M


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  • Handpicked Hampshire partners are ready to help you too

Partnering with the best local companies

With the advent of social media,  the line between marketing and digital marketing has blurred.  I have found this to be even more the case as a copywriter helping clients with SEO savvy content for their websites


As one returning client recently put it “I had no idea you were such a geek…"


Against this background I sought and found great local partners to help both me and my clients strut our stuff in a digital world without breaking the bank.They are not only experts but nice people with great customer service - always a bonus!


SEO guru Geoff Roy of  LeapFrog Internet Marketing has an absolute passion for search engine optimisation and what it can achieve “Growing traffic to your website and turning those visitors into enquiries and warm leads” Click here to find out more


I also work on a regular basis with hand-picked Graphic Designers who deliver newly defined concepts time and time again against the simple request “like this but better


And I partner with video companies who can do whizzy things with animation as well as beautiful filming. I usually come up with a marketing approach for the client, I then write the script and they do the clever stuff!


Looking for joined up marketing? You just found it.

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  • Hampshire based Jane Buswell and Romanian rescue Lushie

Supporting Romanian Woofers Need You


Having lost my adorable Cairn Terrier, Lily,  in the Autumn of 2016,  her Jackapoo companion Maggie was bereft and it wasn't long before I started thinking about a companion for her and determined to rescue a dog. It was at this point that I discovered the many charities working to save dogs from almost certain death in the Public Shelters of Romania. It would not be putting too fine a point on it to say I was sick to my stomach for these loving and helpless creatures and very quickly put the wheels in motion so that a Rommie dog joined us in February 2017.


Nicknamed "Laura Lush" by the charity who had looked after her for a year,  this gentle natured and affectionate girl had been dumped in a bag outside a Public Shelter with such a severe flea infection she had lost most of the fur around her neck. She had obviously had puppies and presumably had been replaced by a smaller, cuter version of herself - I cannot comprehend how that could ever happen but there you are.  Now called Lushie, she has quickly settled in with us and has found her spot on the sofa, her place in our hearts and a little sister to play with.


She is pictured with me here - please don't compare our eye liner hers is VASTLY superior to mine.


It's impossible to turn away when you know what is happening to lovely, trusting and forgiving dogs like Lushie day in and day out but you can't adopt them all.  So I now support a charity which not only rescues many dogs from a Public Shelter where they face certain death but provides a safe, loving environment and medical care before carefully assessing them and placing them in the best matched forever homes in the UK. They then provide life long back up.  If you too would like to sponsor, support fundraising on an ad hoc basis or indeed adopt here is the charity's Facebook Page


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