Dental Marketing

Hampshire based Marketing for busy dentists

Hampshire based Marketing for busy dentists

No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

I can quite appreciate why dental marketing takes somewhat of a back seat behind the demands of keeping up with paperwork, regulations and the day to day demands of running your dental practice.


I can also understand why it's very difficult to keep up with the changing face of dental marketing and the increasing complexity of engaging with potential patients.


So I see my job as relieving the pressures on your time by providing great dental marketing support in the form of:


  • marketing concepts which help you stand out from the crowd
  • energised copywriting which engages with your potential patients
  • the critique of your existing website or the creation of a new dental website
  • undertaking your social media or training you in it's wily ways...
  • creating and dispatching regular newsletters/e-newsletters on your behalf
  • writing regular blog posts
  • partnering with others for improved SEO and great videos


In other words I help you to get your marketing ducks in a row. Please get in touch for an initial meeting, I am happy to work with practices in and around Hampshire including London.

No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

Dental Marketing Case Study

It might seem strange to share a story about the perils of outsourcing but this is mostly about picking the right person to help you...


About to open their third dental practice, I was approached by a dentist who had become increasingly disappointed by the lack of response to their outsourced social media activities and had decided to take this in house.


Arriving to train the Principal Dentist, her Associate and the Receptionist ( who was to bear the main responsibility)  I quickly discovered that their "Social Media Expert" had set their Twitter account to the Hawaiian time zone rather than that of the UK. This of course meant that most of their tweets had gone unseen...for a year.


Having got over our shock the training session then took them through quick and easy ways to post and inspiration for future topic and approaches. On being asked whether the session had been helpful the Principle Dentist said "Well I'm at the bottom of the mountain today but you've given me a great pair of walking boots" A great testimonial :-)


No longer trading so please don't sell to me - thank you

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