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Hampshire based, simple to use websites

Hampshire based, simple to use websites

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When I meet new clients their web design story is often an unhappy one:

  • It was a very expensive purchase
  • The finished result is inflexible
  • They are complicated to update
  • The clients have ended up with predictable words and images - despite several lively conversations to the contrary

Enough! It's time the clients and I take back control and that's exactly what I have done by making use of an accessibly priced website system that produces slick looking responsive websites which are totally shaped by you and I working together. Or leave it entirely to me if you need a level of expertise to deliver the functionality and flexibility you need.

The main things you will gain from me creating this website for you is speed (!) energised copywriting which engages with your target market and a quirky approach to differentiating your brand where appropriate. This is backed by a tried, tested and simple to use system which 


  • allows for unlimited pages with unlimited images
  • has the ability to allow updates by you
  • is hosted in the cloud
  • can include a blog if required
  • provides for advanced SEO
  • can include an online catalogue
  • provides for reserve online, click to collect and home delivery services


Can they include a  link to your social media sites? Yes.  Can you embed video? Yes. Can you prominently display current offers or forthcoming events?  Yes. 


My own website is built using this system and amongst the increasing number I have built I suggest you check these out: 


"Brilliant! Take a bow Jane, well done!  I will raise a glass to you tonight"


Want to know more about the web design I can offer?  You can find out more about my approach from the case studies below. If I sound like the sort of person you need for your website why not get in touch?

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  • Hampshire based website services for small companies

The never ending website build

Poised to market a significant new event for the South’s Film Industry  CEO Gillian Tully came to me having had a challenging and time consuming new website journey -  with no end in sight (or indeed in site...)


My Solution

I  quickly set up a meeting,  pulled out her main marketing messages and agreed to mock up a new website design for her approval.  This was done by the end of the day we met and she LOVED it.


I then wrote all the copy for the website, inserted the key words  and – over skype – showed her how to make any subsequent tweaks so that she had full control of any updates. Since the she has confidently made use of the flexible template to update and highlight important information as each subsequent event as taken place and once a year we work together to refresh and reinvigorate the whole site.


I have also helped her to write and design her marketing materials and again this was done quickly and collaboratively. Although the business has evolved over time Gill has been able to tweak the original website using the simple to use platform check out –


One Happy Client

"I've only ever heard positive reviews about Jane Buswell of Business Fulcrum and I believe she has certainly helped Film Expo South stand out from the crowd.


No, she hasn't dressed me up in a ducks outfit and made me wear sunglasses!! But I'm that impressed with her creative flair and get the job done attitude, I probably would. Never miss a photo opportunity Jane... :-)


She knew the urgency of the matter, listened to what I asked for, and came back with results within 2 hours. Film Expo South highly recommends Jane Buswell - she hits the nail on the head every time!"

Gillian Tully, CEO & Founder Film Expo South


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