8 Key facts about e-mail marketing in 2020

e-mail marketing facts 2020
on Mon 11 May


 I was recently sent a most useful article from Avasam.com  who provided a fascinating insight  and lots of helpful information into the world of e-mail marketing.


If you are new to e-mail marketing their complete article is a recommended read as it provides some great expert advice about how to get the most out of your campaigns in a challenging  environment where everyone is trying to be seen.


In the meantime - for a quick overview - I thought you might be interested in a few stats that Avasam included:


  • How many e-mails are sent daily?

According to a Statista report , 281 billion e-mails were sent and received every day in 2018. It’s estimated that this will increase to 347 billion e-mails per day by 2022. So your own e-mails have to work very hard indeed to be seen


  • What percentage of e-mails are classified as Spam?

We probably all send a good number of inbound e-mails into our spam box . However you might be surprised to know that, according to Statista, 54.68% of all global e-mail traffic comprised spam messages. Believe it or not this is going down!


  • How many times a day do people check their e-mail?

A lot! Definitely several times a day and, as these can be reached via our smartphones they are instantly accessible.  Food for thought if you are in a B2B business.


  • What is the typical return on investment for e-mail marketing?

According to a 2020 Hubspot report  the ROI is 3800% so $38 for every $1 spent.  The Direct Marketing Association puts it even higher at  4200% Either way those figures make it a very attractive marketing proposition.


  • What’s the uplift in response if you personalise e-mails?

This is simple enough to do through most e-mail marketing tools and it makes a considerable difference.  In fact according to an article by Campaign Monitor if you personalise your e-mails you will improve your open rate by 26%. Start to segment your campaigns  and your revenue  is said to go up , Campaign Monitor says there’s an increase of 760%! 


  • How many e-mails are deleted before they are even read?

According to Avasam that is 16%. A salutary reminder that you should spend time crafting a really excellent subject heading. (Sometimes your Spam box will give you ideas as to type of subject headings we might just fall for!)


  • What’s the average open rate for an e-mail marketing campaign

You might be surprised to learn that we are opening more e-mails than we used to.  Statista says this has lifted from 18.21% in 2010 to 24.46% in 2018.


  • What the average click through rate to a relevant and interesting e-mail

This is inevitably much lower than we would like.  In the main this is less than 3% but as this varies from sector to sector a good guide to manage your expectations can be found here   


 I hope you found this interesting, thanks Avasam for making me look again at an area I haven’t covered for  a while.

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