Weather reports: could purple prose be creating an anxious society?

Jane Buswell on Mon 10 Feb

Do be careful about using over dramatic language - it could have far reaching consequences...  


Getting clients to read your communication rather than just look

Jane Buswell on Thu 22 Mar

We glance at written materials, we scan our e-mails, we flick through our messages - how do you persuade contemporary clients to slow down and READ your marketing materials?

Bespoking the benefits of your business

Jane Buswell on Tue 6 Mar

Mind the gap!  A one size fits all marketing approach is not going to work...

Ten brilliantly effective persuasion techniques

Jane Buswell on Wed 21 Feb

Don't worry you're not selling, your PERSUADING :-)


Are you writing or are you selling?

Jane Buswell on Tue 6 Feb

If most of us agree that being able to talk doesn't mean we are able to sell why do we think that being able to write words is all we need to sell our business to prospective clients?

Please don't corporate speak

Jane Buswell on Thu 25 May

Corporate Speak - the way to marketing ruin!

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