9 easy to remember quotations to keep your marketing on track

inspiring marketing quotations
on Thu 27 Oct


To be honest I have a mixed relationship with quotations. I do find many a bit saccharine but a few really do resonate and teach me about work or life.  In the hope that the following make you feel inspired rather than nauseous I thought I’d share some easy to remember quotations that might help you clarify your approach to marketing.


“If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you have always got”

Years ago when I was the Marketing Director of an MLM organisation my excellent trainer was forever using this phrase. It is SO true of marketing so if you’ve ALWAYS relied on mailshots or networking maybe it’s time to look at some other marketing methods. There are a massive number but how about content marketing, social media or door drops for a start?


“An assumption of understanding is the enemy of acceptance”

I have no idea where I got this quotation from,  but this is one of the main reasons you might consider using a copywriter who will “translate” any technical terms, acronyms or phrases that mean nothing to your target market. Certainly I am gainfully employed acting as an interpreter to medical consultants!


If customers are trying to understand something which is totally unfamiliar to them you risk making them feel stupid which is not a great start to any relationship.


“When you want to sell what Bill Smith buys, you must look at the world through Bill Smith’s eyes”

All marketing is “their problem”  “our solution” and you can’t even begin to express that until you REALLY know your target market.  This clever little saying is a great reminder of that.


“What will be read can be dictated by where your reader is located”

Again, unless you really know your target market: what their interests are; what they read; where they go; which social networks they prefer and so forth – you will struggle to get your message across in a place where your potential customers hang out.


I recently came across three little maxims which underline the HUGE importance of differentiating your offer from that of your peers these are:


Success relies on novelty

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons and

Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios


These need no explanation I’m sure, but if you want to know more about marketing and the art of differentiation please visit my video at the bottom of my home page  


“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does”

I love this quotation by marketing author Steuart Henderson Britt  and  it really doesn't need any elaboration does it? But the sentiment does not necessarily apply solely to ADVERTISING. It actually applies to all things marketing so:

  • If you have got a website – does anyone know? Have you done something about optimising it? Is it responsive for smartphones? Are you driving traffic to it?
  • Have you launched a new part of your business recently? And it is actually mentioned on your website isn’t it?
  • And you have told clients about it in your newsletter haven’t you?
  • And you did send out a press release didn’t you?
  • And you did bang on about it in your networking groups didn’t you?

Ok enough said!


When I’m running marketing workshops I often reinforce this quotation by another from Conrad Levinson and that is:


“Marketing is not an event but a process. It has a beginning, a middle but never an end for it is a process.  You can improve it, perfect it, change it even pause it. But you never stop it completely.” 


So no pressure there then…I'll just leave you with one a bonus quotation which is of my own marketing maxims.


Marketing is the accelerator pedal of your business


If any of you are struggling to maintain that demanding pace of keeping your foot down please do get in touch.


In the meantime I hope some of you are inspired to jot down some of these quotations  on a Post It note which is kept right in front of you!



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