9 key marketing questions for business growth in 2018

9 key marketing questions for business growth
on Tue 9 Jan


It's sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. I recently sat down with a sole entrepreneur to review her pricing. She found that two heads are definitely better than one as it's so difficult being objective.


With this in mind I'd like to share the following self audit.  I'm confident that the following questions will not only give you food for thought but will help to take your business to the next level...


  • Are there any generally negative perceptions about your sector/the type of thing you do?  If so, have you overtly addressed them on your website/ in your marketing material?


  • Can you “package” up your products/services to avoid direct comparison with your competitors?   This avoids the tough “like for like” checks that inevitably come down to lowest price


  • Why did your latest client or customer reject your competitor? Understand this and make more of it in your marketing – perhaps a questions for a customer feedback form? Phrase more subtly though “Why did you choose us?”


  • Do you know what clients say when they recommend you? Are you using those words in your marketing to potential new clients who may be seeking the same thing?


  • Are there any niche markets  that are a natural extension of your existing business and at which you could aim to be positioned as an expert? Make sure your marketing for these areas is specialisand empathetic. This requires an understanding of their particular challenges as well as choosing sector specific images and language.


  • Where are you wasting time or money on marketing that’s simply not working? Is it because your target market doesn’t look there? (Wrong social network? Wrong publication? Wrong location?) Or is it because your marketing looks like everyone else’s marketing?(my absolute pet hate for professional services marketing is the two suited arms shaking hands – shoot me now!


  • Could you offer the equivalent of bronze, silver, gold, pricing so that you can up sell? If   you only have one level of pricing you will never know how much a client might have spent with   you.


  • Are there any affiliates you could link with? This allows them or you to work with clients that prefer to work with a larger contractor.  Or you might each agree to pay commission of 10% or 15% for referrals.  This soon adds up. 


  • Could you make your product or service more financially appealing Think about possibly offering stage payments;  a discounted retained service or signpost some funding


If, having considered these questions, you need some help please get in touch via [email protected] By the way, I don’t only work with local Hampshire based clients – skype is a wonderful thing!

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