Getting people to visit your website and stay there

Attracting visitors to your website
on Tue 10 Apr

Marketing your website is separate and different to marketing your business and will you to consider several areas.  Here's a list for you to check that you are heading in the right direction in terms of web traffic.


Has the website copy that you have written demonstrated empathy by taking the following into account ?

What are people likely to be doing at the point that they need you? What exactly will they need and what will be their resistance to using you.


Is it possible that your website could be signposted  to your target market by a local or sector organisation?

Ask yourself - are there any third parties involved in the decision making process of your target market. What are those third parties likely to be searching for at that time and how will you empathise with those challenges?


How will you harness social media to drive traffic to your website?

Which social media will your target market be using? What will they be interested in and when will they be on social media?


What can you signpost about your website to make it worth a visit?

You can't just SELL at people so what can you create which will attract people to visit your website. What advisory sources might your target market appreciate?


Keep your main objective in sight

Make sure your that each of your content marketing resources - handouts, videos, blogs, end with a call to action to visit the pages which deal with your core business.


Make sure web visitors read everything you have to say

We are essentially pretty lazy, so make it easy for web visitors to move from blog post to blog post, from post to web page and from web page to web page by making good use of hypertext links.


Have you captured to contact details of your web visitors so that you can begin to build a relationship with them?

This is often done by offering them something in return, a handout or a newsletter - if you are concerned about the GDPR that are coming in on May 25th (with 40 days grace) you can download my detailed handout by using the newsletter sign up form at the bottom of my home page.


I hope you've found this helpful. 



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