How to do a successful sales presentation

how to do a successful sales pitch
on Thu 10 May


We're mostly OK about enthusing about the benefits of our business in an informal situation like networking or talking to existing contacts,  but how do you feel when you are presenting to a stranger ...and there's a lot of potential work at stake?


Just work your way through this checklist, put on your big boy/girl pants and WOW them!


I have...

  • scripted my standard presentation(s)
  • bespoke that presentation especially for this meeting
  • worked out responses to any probable questions or objections 
  • checked for spelling errors and incorrect facts
  • delivered my standard presentation(s) to at least two different people who have offered me feedback
  • prepared leave behind material (complete with my contact details) for my expected audience (these always look better in a smart folder and are more likely to be kept than discarded)
  • gone through the entire thing the evening before or the morning of the presentation


My presentation...

  • focuses on the benefits of my offering and how they solve the specific problems of the prospect
  • begins with the most important pertinent  benefits and continues in descending order of importance.
  • has no unneeded statements (zero fluff-- ask yourself "does it really help if I say this?")
  • includes a very brief company background introduction only if it adds credibility to the product or service or if the audience is likely to expect it.
  • includes a PowerPoint presentation with appropriate, customised and easy to understand illustrations where this is required.
  • includes opportunities for prospects to engage by regularly asking if there are any questions so far
  • includes a powerful conclusion which clearly illustrates the benefits my prospect will receive as a result of buying my solution now
  • is shorter than the allocated time to allow the opportunity for questions.


I will be sure to...

  • minimise the preparation work on the part of the prospect by offering to bring my own laptop, projector etc.
  • check beforehand that all individuals necessary to purchase my solution will be present
  • swap business cards with those in the room
  • be enthusiastic and transfer my enthusiasm to the individuals in the room
  • avoid reading directly from any slides
  • avoid reading directly from my scripts and outline
  • avoid using industry jargon unless i'm absolutely sure the attendees will understand it
  • share my attention with all individuals in the room-- not just the primary decision maker
  • confirm the next action steps and agreed timetable with all appropriate parties at the end of the presentation
  • avoid exceeding the allowed time unless I am asked to do this for further discussion
  • e-mail a thank you for the opportunity to present as soon as I get back to the office 
  • follow up within 24 hours of an expected decision 


If a contact has set up this presentation for you make sure you thank and update them too. The warm glow they experience will encourage them to do this again for you!


I hope that helps - good luck! 


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