How to improve your website in 10 simple ways

Improve your website in 10 ways
on Tue 20 Dec

Having applied a lot of effort into creating your marketing materials, it's all too easy to then forget about them. This perhaps applies more to websites than to other materials as you seldom look at your own. With this in mind I thought it might be useful to give you a few reminders, the first of which is pretty crucial.

1. Do you know when the registration of your domain name expires? It is crucial that this stays with you. For a quick check go to Who Is

2 Might your website benefit from an updated photograph? I recently advised some relationship counsellors to make themselves look less miserable as it was slightly out of step with their message!

3. Might your website benefit from the inclusion of a blog? This is the place you can demonstrate your authority and expertise; it is the place to answer the likely questions of your target market. It also provides your website with fresh content which"pleases" Google in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) AND it provides a help-not-sell presence which links beautifully from your social media accounts.

4. People are less inclined to read lengthy text so make your copy short and snappy. Why not include a video to put your key messages across? Check out mine about the art of differentiation on my home page 

5. Are you spreading your message through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Twitter? If so have you linked to those sites from symbols your website? Have you made your site Pinterest friendly if there are lots of images?

6. Are you talking directly to your potential clients?  "We help you" is much more powerful than "We help companies..."

7. Are there any funding opportunities that your clients could tap into in order to pay for your services? Have you mentioned these?

8. Have you clearly spelled out your location?  Not just in your address but in the website text too? Google is placing increasing importance on connecting the local community with their local businesses.

9. How much effort are you putting into making sure that your contact page engages and motivates to action?  For example, it's said that a video from a previous event placed on the bookings page considerably boosts the take up for the next one. Is there anything like that you could copy?

10. Have you linked your pages one to the other and from your blog to your website pages and vice versa?  These links are something else that can improve your SEO.

Of course, it goes without saying that your website has to be mobile responsive these days -  if you would like some help with this check out my website service 

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