How to write for your target market – bespoking your benefits.

Bespoke your customer benefits
on Tue 6 Mar


I want to share a quotation with you:


the writer must ensure that his meaning will get across that abyss between his mind and those of his many (unknown) readers” - Theodore Cheney


In terms of marketing the usual way to solve this is to describe the benefits of your product or service in a way that is wholly specific to your customers and clients.


Let me give you an example:


Imagine I'm marketing a workshop on "The Art of Negotiation" with my target audience being mainly women in my local area.


So I will be using emotive language to suit women (think L’Oreal because you are worth it) rather than black and white facts that male customers prefer (Think Ronseal, does what it says on the tin)


The younger women are likely to be at college or university so I may be able to reach them through the campus or social media (primarily Instagram).There may also be certain publications that they read.


Older ones may have young children so I could reach them through Nurseries, Playschools or Children’s Clothing shops or via a door drop on a housing estate where I know there are a lot of young families. Equally I could use an online forum or Facebook. These households may receive Parish Magazines or Local Directories so perhaps I could advertise in there


Equally they may be self-employed so I would be more likely to reach them through business networking groups that meet locally and through Linked In. I could also  e-mail or mailshot them or put some information through business publications


At all times I  need to understand is that a one size fits all marketing approach is not going to work well – or even work at all. So here’s how I might talk to each of the types I have just mentioned in terms of the benefit of coming along, phrased in a compelling way:


For my younger audience:

Do you wonder how you are going to negotiate a decent starting salary, the best price for a car, or that extra hour out on a Friday night?


For my young Mum’s:

Are you astounded at how manipulative your toddlers can be? Do you wonder how you are going to get them to do things your way for the years ahead!


For my corporate business women:

Are you unable to hold your price for your services?  Do clients continually give you impossible deadlines…?


What I am tapping here is something called VOC or Voice of Customer which allows me to generate content that connects with my target market and should therefore bring real returns because it


  • Shows that I understand and care
  • Helps me find the right words that create customer–friendly language 
  • Stays tuned to real world experiences  so avoiding technical language and professional peer buzzwords


I hope that has given you some food for thought?


P.S. On a more pragmatic note changing the description of your product (or service)  can also have a direct bearing on your price point. For example a “just launched, cutting edge electronic product” might sell at £199, as time goes on it is sold as “something everyone but you has” at £89 and to make this accessible to children the parents will probably purchase it as “an educational toy “ at £49. 


You’ve got to love the power of copywriting (OK that will just be me then!)


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