Leaflet Distribution - it's an art and a science

How to do leaflet distribution
on Thu 26 May

How much thought are you putting into your leaflet distribution - commonly referred to as "door drops"? Have you carefully considered where you’re posting your marketing material - or are you going for a scattergun approach?


Like all marketing the latter method will not deliver what you need so here’s a bit of a marketing process for you


Did you know that you can find out more about the people that live behind the letterboxes by accessing something called CACI Acorn Information. Acorn stands for “A Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods” and works on the accepted principle that people living in similar neighbourhoods generally exhibit similar lifestyle and spending tendencies.


Remember the old saying “birds of a feather flock together”


There are five CACI Acorn categories, each of which are split into sections and sub sections: 


  1. Wealthy Achievers split into wealthy executives, affluent greys and flourishing families
  2. Urban Prosperity: prosperous professionals, educated urbanites and aspiring singles
  3. Comfortably Off: starting out, secure families, selected suburbia and prudent pensioners
  4. Moderate Means:  post-industrial families, blue collar roots
  5. Hard Pressed: struggling families, burdened singles, high rise hardship and inner city             adversity


If this is relevant to you, and you want to find more about a particular area, there’s lots of good information on the Office of National Statistics website , you might also find your local council website is a good source and there are websites like www.streetcheck.co.uk where you can enter a postcode into the area guide which then delivers the relevant ACORN information at the bottom of the page


The other thing to remember is that the percentage return of door drops is like direct mail – typically 1% - so it’s no good feeling smug after opening 100 gates, trudging up 100 paths and pushing your message through 100 letterboxes – keep going, it’s a numbers game!


They also say delivering your message twice in 3 weeks hugely increases your response.  Think about it – you spot something helpful which has arrived on your doormat.  Before you can action it the cat is sick or the phone rings or it’s time to do the school run – so you put the flyer on the “useful info pile”…and then you forget about it.  However, if it comes in 3 weeks later you are likely to remember that first instance and - determined not to forget again - will take action!


Finally remember that many letterboxes take no prisoners so postcards are more likely to survive the journey than thin flyers which end up in a corrugated heap the other side of the door.  Not a great start!  Make sure those postcards are not predictable – or  “marketing wallpaper” as I call it.  Clicking onto the video of my 2012 portfolio will show you some quirky versions that engage. Let me know if you'd like some for your business.


Even more postcards can be seen on my Pinterest Board this has brought me not one but two Australian clients! If you'd like some help with eye catching door drops or mailers get in touch!

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