No 4 - Deciding on your marketing mix begins with understanding your marketing data

Good marketing starts with you understanding your marketing data
on Wed 17 Jun


Analysing data – yes it’s not exciting is it? The trouble is if you don’t do it you won’t have a clue if your marketing mix  is working or indeed how you could improve it. (Over 19000 people have already visited this post to find out how you do just that)


So waste time and money or analyse? It’s your choice. Ah, I thought you might see sense – so here’s the sort of thing you should be looking at to see how it’s all going:


  • Use the social media’s own analytical tools to check interaction
  • Take a good look at your customer feedback forms – don’t just file them
  • Make good use of Google analytics so far as your website is concerned
  • Do your blog posts or newsletters prompt any comments or reaction?
  • Code your ad campaigns so you can see what worked and what didn’t
  • Check how many people opened your e-mails and responded to them
  • Look to see which products or services are not being purchased and which are


OK, now here are 8 areas to check for an improved marketing mix


  1. Which social networks seem to working for your target market ? It’s very easy to be wasting time on the social media network that YOU like!
  2. Is the lead generation being worked to drive lead conversion.  You want sales as well as interest!
  3. Are you maximising your sales by offering added value packages around your popular products?
  4. Are you publicly sharing your positive customer feedback?
  5. Which website pages are attracting attention and lead to sales as opposed to quickly losing that attention?
  6. How’s your Content Marketing? Is it interesting to your target market or are you doing the same as everyone else?
  7. Does your e-newsletter have a low click through rate?  Could you improve the content or the  the e-mail subject heading (Come on – when did YOU actually click on any incoming emails that said “Latest Newsletter”)
  8. Is the ad you booked in for several months actually doing anything.  Are you sure it’s the right publication, or position, or message?


Try not to put off doing analytics for another day.  I know it’s as boring as preparing a wall to paint or paper but, like decorating, you’ll get poor results if you don’t do the groundwork . Analysing your marketing data will give you some nice solid facts to help you get even better results from your marketing mix.


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