target market

Bespoking the benefits of your business

Jane Buswell on Tue 6 Mar

Mind the gap!  A one size fits all marketing approach is not going to work...

Good marketing is empathetic marketing

Jane Buswell on Thu 5 Oct

A little empathy goes a long way..

The differences in marketing to men and women

Jane Buswell on Tue 4 Jul

Why should marketing to men and marketing to women be different?  This post explains

Understanding people

Jane Buswell on Thu 20 Apr

Doing business without identifying your target market will stop you in your tracks. So let’s have a think about that challenge...

12 reasons why potential clients and customers won't immediately buy from you

Jane Buswell on Tue 7 Feb

There are many reasons why someone may not immediately buy from you. The good news is, if you know those reasons you can do something about it.

How do you work out your target market?

Jane Buswell on Tue 28 Jun

There are a number of marketing definitions but one of the most succinct is “getting the right message to the right market via the right media and methods” In my experience too few new business owners think about the market – or target market - part –of that statement which is very strange

Should you put prices on your website for your target market?

Jane Buswell on Wed 20 Jan

Whilst recently helping a client identify her position in the market we came to the old chestnut about what to charge and, more specifically, whether to show prices on the website.

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